ECE 2035 Classroom Kit

Sparkfun MBED Inventors Kit. Contains the following: mbed - LPC1768 Cortex-M3 w/USB Cable,White Solderless Breadboards,Serial Miniature LCD Module - 1.44" w/ Hook-Up Cable, 3.5mm Jack Breakout,Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout,microSD Transflash Breakout,USB Type A Female Breakout,USB Mini-B Breakout,RJ45 Ethernet MagJack Breakout,4GB MicroSD Card w/ Adapter,microSD USB Reader,PCB Speaker,TMP36 Temp Sensor,NPN Transistor,Jumper Wires,CAT 6 Cable,Tri-color LED, 12mm Buttons,330 and 10K Resistors

Stock number:

ECE 2035